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K.E. International was formed in 1988 as a management trading and consulting company to facilitate the export of U.S. products into foreign markets. Kasey Eidukonis, Managing Director for K.E. International, has over 20 years of experience in Management, Manufacturing, Operations, Purchasing, Strategic Planning, Office Automation, Computerization and Information Systems with such companies as John's Manville, Johnson and Johnson and TRW. Kasey has also worked for the U.S. Army as a foreign area officer, operations researcher, and system analyst, as well as a strategic intelligence officer. He is a graduate of the University of Illinois and the Command and General Staff College. He has given lectures to the Air Force War College, East Stroudsburg University, and AT&T Global Business Programs.

K.E. International also has a standby staff, available to cover other areas such as the Middle East and Western Europe. The K.E. International staff includes people as diverse as an auto executive, a professor of international business, an airline executive, a graphic arts director, a computer manufacturing executive, CEO of an oil trading company, a building developer, a shipping executive, a marketing executive, VP of personnel and administration, a metalurgist, a geologist, and many other fields. If you have an area that needs attention, K.E. International can put together a task force to handle it.

K.E. International currently deals as an authorized domestic exporter for 3M, Dover/OPW, Civacom and others. Current product groups include such diverse items as:

• Vapor recovery valves
• Gasoline pumps
• Adhesives
• Dental and pharmaceutical supplies
• Industrial chemicals
• Abrasives
• Computers - hardware and software
• Office supplies
• Computer supplies - disks, tapes, etc.

Kasey is familiar with the problems you have running your company—obtaining overseas products should not be one of them. For prompt confidential information write, phone or fax us.